How to embed a tegrity recording inside a page

If you wish to embed a Tegrity recording inside your Angel course, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to your recording. You can get there either by directly logging into Tegrity, or by going into your Angel course, and then under your course home page, there should be the Tegrity icon. Click on it to go to your Tegrity recordings, and find the recording you wish to post, and put a checkmark in the box next to your recording title, see screenshot below.

    Finding the Tegrity video embed link

    Finding the Tegrity video embed link

  2. In the next Pop-up window, you will see one link. Un check the anonymous check box, and you will now see an embed link (see below). This does mean that now the video link can be shared publicly if you or someone with the link decided to do so. Click your cursor inside the embed link box, which will highlight the link. Now either do a Ctrl-C to copy with your keyboard shortcut, or right-click the mouse over the highlighted link, to copy the link. You can now paste this link inside Angel.

    copy embed link

    Copy embed link

  3. Go to Lessons within the course.
  4. Click on Add Content, and select the “Page” content item.
  5. Give it a good title, and then select the source icon on the formatting bar, see below.

    source code button

    source code button

  6. In the Page text window below this icon, paste the code you just copied from the Tegrity page, it should look something like this:
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;
  7. Click Save. You should now see the Tegrity recording show inside the Angel page, with a “Full Screen” option if need be.

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