Posting a link, such as Youtube video into Angel

There are several ways you add external links, such as a link to a youtube video to your Angel course. Either add a link in your content, or embed the video directly into your page.
The advantage of embedding, is that you keep the student in your course, they watch the video right in the page, and are not distracted by surrounding youtube advertizing or other links. If the video is embedded, the students don’t leave Angel, and they don’t have to look at advertisements surrounding the video on the Youtube site.Here are the directions for both methods:
First method, adding a link:
  1. Find the link, highlight it with your cursor, and then copy it from the address bar, see screenshot below (keyboard shortcut Ctrl-C).

    youtube link

    Copy YouTube link in browser address bar

  2. Go to Lessons within the course.
  3. Click on Add Content, and select the “Page” content item

Second Method, Embedding the Youtube video directly into Angel

  • Click the “G” icon (see second arrow in screenshot above) where you want to embed the video, and then paste the last part of the youtube link, into the search box, so in this example case that would be this text string, for example: vN5KV2LUDLY and click save. You will then see the embedded video as shown in the following screenshot.

    example of embedded video clip

    example of embedded video clip

  • Alternately, you can type the exact words that helped you find the Youtube link, or the last unique part of the link in the search field, and retrieve the video that way.

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