How to record and retrieve a Blackboard Collaborate Session

Once you have created a virtual room with Collaborate, you can now enter the session.

  1. Click on the link that has the name of your session under the communicate tab.

    Click on your session name to initiate Collaborate

    Click on your session name to initiate Collaborate

  2. This will launch Blackboard Collaborate, click OK, as shown below, to allow the Java Start Web Launcher.

    Collaborate Java Start Dialog window

    Collaborate Java Start Dialog window

  3. Depending on whether you have ever used Collaborate before, it could take a minute to load the Collaborate window. When everything is loaded, you should see a window like the one shown below. Note you can maximize the window, and you can click the Start button to initiate the recording of your session.

    Collaborate window

    Collaborate window

  4. If you want a student to make the recording, you’ll either have to give the student moderator privileges in Collaborate, or you would need to request to have their account upgraded to instructor or TA with instructor privileges (the grade book can be removed from that student, if that is what you wanted.)
  5. To pause or stop the recording, click the recording button, as shown below:

    Stop or pause the recording

    Stop or pause the recording

  6. When everyone leaves this session, Collaborate will create the recording, and post it in the communicate area, under recordings, the same place where you go to enter the open forum (duration of posting the recording varies, depending on how long the session was). If you wish to view a past recording, click on recordings, and put the correct date range in there. So in this case, just make sure the “From” field has a date and time that is before you started the recording, see below:
    Access the recordings

    Access the recordings

    Now, all you do is click on the recording to open up the recording

More information about Blackboard Collaborate, both for instructors, moderators, and participants:


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