How to start a Blackboard Collaborate session from Angel

If you would like to start collaborating remotely, whether this is creating a virtual classroom, or hosting and participating in a virtual meeting, you can do so with Blackboard Collaborate. This tool will allow you to utilize video,  audio, text chat, whiteboard sharing, show a presentation, do a virtual tour, or allow screen sharing with students or colleagues. The Collaborate web conferencing application is easy to set up from within any of your Angel course sites. You can also record a session for those who can’t make it, or for use in future classes.

View these demos to learn more about Blackboard Collaborate.

Most users of Collaborate would like to meet multiple times during the semester, or the year using Collaborate, so it is easiest to create a session for the duration of a semester, or even the entire year. When you want to record, Collaborate will only record the session, and will stop recording when no one is logged into the virtual room.

  1. To create a virtual room in your Angel course, first log into one of your Angel courses where you wish to create the virtual room, and click on the Communicate tab. You will see the, “Collaborate Live” nugget likely a ways down the page. Hover your mouse over this box, until you see a pencil icon, click the icon to create a new session. (see screenshot below, click on image to enlarge)

    Creating a new Collaborate sesion

    Creating a new Collaborate session

  2. On the next screen, click, “Add Session” to create a new session.

    Add Session

    Add Session

  3. Add a descriptive title that will become the link, and then make sure you add three hours as Angel creates this session in Eastern time. So if your session starts right away, make sure it has 3 hours added to it for the starting time. You can leave the “Never Repeats” setting.

    Compensate for Eastern timezone

    Compensate for Eastern timezone

  4. You can now add any other session settings from the other tabs in this menu, such as how many simultaneous talkers (leave at 1 or two if you don’t want too much confusion in the audio). You can always change some of these attributes while in session, but this can be helpful if for example, you wish everyone to be a moderator in each session. By making it a default, everyone automatically is given the permissions to use whiteboard, chat, video etc.

    Add session attributes

    Add session attributes

  5. Once you’ve created the session, they will show up in the Session Editor as shown below. You can click on the Edit button to make further changes, or you can click on the session name to open the session.

    Collaborate session edits

    Session edit area

  6. You can now click on “Exit Session Editor” to go back to the main communicate area in your Angel course. The newly created session should be showing if you made it start that same day. If it is on a future date, you can adust the date fields, and click on “Go” to display the event or room, see example below.

    Change the dates

    Change the dates


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