Using Angel “Mobile Learn” with any mobile device

Sometime around the 17th of September, Blackboard will allow Angel users regardless of mobile device to use the Mobile Learn App. End Users can purchase the one year or perpetual license on September 10th.

So far, only iPhone or Sprint users have been able to use the native Blackboard App called “Mobile Learn” to use Angel from a Mobile device. If you pay the App fee, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Palm webOS users will be able to use Mobile Learn on any wifi or phone carrier network to connect to Learn instances at that institution.

Here’s what will be new  for Mobile Learn:

  • At institutions that choose not to purchase an institutional license (which includes WSU), individual end users on iOS and Android devices will now have the option to purchase a one year license for $1.99 or a perpetual license for $5.99.
  • You will be able to download the App for “free” (same App as before, updated), and the two end user license options will be available as in-App purchases. This allows Blackboard to verify that you can successfully log into at least one school via Mobile Learn (and that that school has not already purchased and institutional license) and shows a list of the courses that are accessible before they ask you if they would like to purchase a license.
  • If you purchase an end user license, it will allow you to use Mobile Learn on any wifi or phone carrier network to connect to Learn instances at any institution that you have access to. Additionally, the license will be good for any other device you own using the same OS (i.e. iOS license holders will be covered on every iOS device they own, and Android license holders will be covered on every Android device they own).

Here’s what will be going away:

  • The confusing free/pilot/Sprint license option goes away.
  • There will be no option that is free for both users and institutions. In other words, no one is getting a free lunch when it comes to the Mobile Learn App at this point (see below if you don’t want to pay for the App).

To download and start using Blackboard Mobile Learn:

1)       Search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn” in your App Store or scan the code below:

2)      Once Blackboard Mobile Learn is installed, search for Washington State University using the search bar that automatically appears when you open the App

3)      Select Washington State University

4)      Log in using the same username and password you normally use to access Blackboard

Mobile Learn gives you access to your course Announcements, Grades, Lessons, Roster, Discussions, and Personal Tasks on the go. Additionally, you can update your announcements, create discussion posts, and comment on your students’ discussions from your mobile device.

For those of you who don’t want to purchase the Mobile Learn App

  • Logging into Angel using a browser on an iPad or Android tablet can be difficult using the tablet’s browser. One way to get around this issue, is to log in using PDA mode, see, “PDA Display Mode” icon on the lower left corner of your Angel screen.
  • Another option on an iPad instead of selecting the PDA mode, is to open pages in new tabs.  Since ANGEL uses frames you often can’t scroll down a page, but if you “tap hold” a link in the admin area and then select “open in a new tab”, you now can access just the content frame and don’t have the scroll problem. You can also do this inside of a course by “tap hold” on one of the Tabs such as lessons and “open in a new tab”.  It’s certainly not perfect but works for a lot of things I do.

Writing and marking up a handout or PDF file in iPad or Android

The 3 Best iPad PDF Markup Apps:

List of Android PDF Markup Apps:

Informative video on QPdf or Qoppa PDF notes full version:

Enlarging fonts on the fly

Are your eyes having a hard time with small fonts on Angel?

  • Tap hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard. While holding the Ctrl key, push the plus key to increase the font, hit the minus key to decrease the font size.

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