Backing up your Angel courses and exporting your gradebook

To reverse accidental deletions in your course, you will want to backup before you move and add a lot of new content, before you plan to delete a large portion of your course, or before you make a lot of grade changes. Either way, it is good to schedule it regularly, by using a calendar reminder, for example in Outlook. Below are the instructions for backing up a course in Angel 7.4, as well as instructions for backing up just the grade book. Having a copy of your grade book outside of Angel is essential.

Instructions for Backing Up a Course

To back up your course, select the Backup and Restore tool from the Data Management Menu under the Manage tab. Then click the create new backup link.

This process might take time, depending on the size of the course and the load on the system. However, you can browse through your course while it processes.

After a successful backup, either by the instructor or by the system administrators, other options become available: Restore Backup and Download Backup.

You might want to save the backup to another location, such as the hard drive on a computer, a flash/thumb drive, or a CD. If anything compromises the data on the server, you still have an intact backup.

To save the backup to another location, click the Download Backup button after the backup is complete.

A pop-up window displays, asking whether you want to open or save (or cancel) the backup file. Click the Save button.

This option requires you to designate where you want the file to be saved. It also allows you to rename the file if you want. In this case, you are saving it in the course folder on the C drive. After it is saved, it can be burned to a CD, stored as a DVD, or put in removable storage.

iconNote Note: If you are using Firefox as a browser, it will default to saving the file to your desktop unless you have changed the settings to download it elsewhere.

iconNote Note: The backup file can be used only to restore a course to the way that it was when the backup was created. You cannot make changes to any content within the backup file.

Exporting your Gradebook

The Export Grades option allows the course editor to export assignment grades for all students as a comma-delimited or tab-delimited file. The resulting delimited file can easily be viewed and modified in a standard spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Click the Export Grades hyperlink in the Gradebook Setup section to display the Export Grades options.

To export assignment grades from the ANGEL Gradebook, do the following:

1.   Delimiter. Choose between comma– and tab-delimited options.

2.   Include. Choose to include averages or course ID.

3.   Output Format. Choose between percentage and points.

4.   Export. A File Download dialog box appears on the screen. Click the Save button to save the file. A Save As dialog box appears on the screen.


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