How to add multiple assessment questions from Word

If you plan on testing through Angel, and you already have all your test questions in a Word or text file,  you can paste them into Angel using the method described below. This can result in significant time savings. The trick is to follow the directions to the letter.

Adding or pasting new questions into a test

  • Go to your course lessons area, find the folder in which you wish to deploy the test, and click on, “Add Content”.
  • Select, “Assessment”, in order to create a new assessment.
  • Fill in the settings you wish to use for your test and click, “Save”.
  • On the next screen you click on, “Add Question”
  • Underneath, “Select Questions from Other Sources”, select, “Copy and Paste Questions”.
  • Now just start pasting in questions, making sure they conform to the guidelines described in more detail below.

So for example, with multiple choice questions, you will want to replace this sample text as shown below, with your questions and answers in exactly that order, and with the same capitalization.

Q: Each question should start with ‘Q:’ or be successively numbered.
A. If there are choices, the first choice should start with ‘A.’.
B. Each successive choice should start with the next letter and a period.
C. Each choice should be on a single line, but it is OK if it is longer than will fit in the text area and it wraps on its own.

Repeat for next question.

Further instructions:

Replace the sample text in the text box with the questions you want to import. You can also set the default choice question format, open-ended question format and point value for questions. The questions text should conform to the following specifications.

  • Each question should begin on a new line.
  • The first line of each question should start with ‘Q:’ or the question number followed by a period (‘1.’, 2.’, ‘3.’, etc.).
  • If the question has choices the choices should immediately follow the question text.
  • Each choice should be on a line by itself.
  • Each choice should begin with a choice letter followed by a period (‘A.’, ‘B.’, ‘C.’, etc.).

The following optional settings may be added after the question and its choices. Each setting should be on a line by itself and follow the format SettingName: SettingValue.

  • ANSWER: For choice questions enter the letter of each correct choice separated by commas. For open-ended questions enter the actual answer text.
  • Fill in the blank(s) shared answers should have each answer on a separate line in the format of Answer:;Percentage: Example: Answer:Red;Percentage:25
  • POINTS: The integer point value for the question. For Multiple Select questions this is the value of each correct choice.
  • IMAGE: The URL of an image to display before the question text.
  • FEEDBACK: Text to display after the user submits the quiz.
  • TYPE: Identifies the specific question format to use.
    MC = Multiple Choice, TF = True/False, MS = Multiple Select, SA = Short Answer, FB = Fill in the blank(s), FM = Fill in the blank(s) shared answers, ES = Essay, OI = Off-line Item
  • ANSWERBOXES: Valid for Fill in the blank shared answers only, indicates the number of answer input boxes to display to the user.

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