Enabling Access Tracking for a Content item in Angel

You can enable access tracking for a content item, in order to see who has accessed the item, and when they may have accessed it. Please use this feature sparingly, it adds a lot of data to Angel’s database, only use for those items for which you really need the extra information. For example, if you have podcasts in your course lessons, you can see which students accessed the item.

  1. Go to the item under Lessons.
  2. Click on Settings for that item.

    content item settings

    Content item settings

  3. Select “Students Only”, or “everyone”, from the drop-down list next to User Tracking

    Access tracking

    Access tracking

  4. Click Save.
  5. To view the access statistics (after it has been enabled, and students have accessed the content item), go back to the item, and click on, “Reports”.



  6. Then select either, “Activity Summary”, or, “Activity Detail” to view the details on who accessed your content item, and when it was accessed.

    Activity Summary

    Activity Summary


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