Uploading Multiple images in Angel

There are times when you may have a bunch of images you wish to display in your course, but you don’t want to upload them all one by one. Below you can see how to upload multiple images inside Angel lesson content:

  • Create a folder, and save all the images in there. Be sure they are compressed and cropped, save as gif, for line drawing type pics, and compressed jpgs for photos.
  • Once all the pics are in there, right click and zip the folder. (see screen shot below)
    Send to zip

    Convert folder to zip file

  • Go into Angel to the lesson location where you want to post the pics, click add content, and select the file upload.
  • Browse to the zip file, and click upload file.
  • Select, “Directory Listing”.
  • Click Extract files.
  • Angel now creates a link to the images directory listing. This is why giving the images descriptive names will be helpful, because the links to the images are the file names.

If you wanted to rename/move/copy/delete these images after the upload, you will need to click on the link to the images folder, then click on the utilities link. Then click on the “Associated File Manager” link. Then click on the images folder, after which you can see the files with edit functions. (You can’t rearrange the order though in this scenario).


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