High Security Exams in Angel

(This tip provided by WSU DDP)

Angel Secure Browser works well for its intended purpose – on a Testing Lab workstation or a Proctor’s workstation. Launching Secure Browser does not close other running programs, so the Proctor should close them before launching. This is precautionary because they’re still hidden/inaccessible, but any unrecognized programs could be screen-capture software (like Wink) which is not blocked.

For students taking an assessment with Secure Browser, access to the Windows Registry is necessary. A proctor will need to login to the workstation or have the student login and then use a (right-click) “Run as …” on the Secure Browser to launch it as an administrator account.

Secure Browser relies on Internet Explorer on Windows, so if there is http addressed content (like an image on another website) placed in an assessment, there will be a message about viewing insecure content because our Angel server uses https (http secure).

Links to Wikipedia or similar sites within an assessment are wide-open search possibilities. Searching Wikipedia for “Google”, you can click the homepage link to Google and link anywhere. It’s best not to include a link of this kind in the instructions of an assessment or in the question text.

After the assessment is submitted and graded, the student cannot Review their assessment and the answer key without using the Secure Browser to access the assessment. An option to avoid this problem is to use the assessment Settings >> Access tab’s Browser Security set to “None – no browser security imposed” after the assessment take-period (Interaction tab >> Disable date) has passed.

Some other reasons not to install Secure Browser on a student’s workstation or laptop:

  1. Hardware virtual machines make it possible to share the resources of workstation to host guest operating systems. With two isolated operating systems, it’s possible to quickly switch from one operating sytem running a secure browser to a second operating system running other browsers and instant messaging chat clients.
  2. Remote Desktop can be used to access a workstation running Secure Browser while the laptop or workstation controlling the session still has access to browsers and instant messaging chat.
  3. Configuration settings used in running Secure Browser may affect Internet Explorer behavior using Angel. If you see a stripped down login for Angel where you can only access the courses with High Security assessments, please clear your browser cache.
  4. Password information is stored locally on the computer in a file called browser.cfg typically located in C:\Program Files\CyberLearning Labs, Inc\SecureBrowser. If the password is forgotten, delete the browser.cfg file and launching Secure Browser will prompt you for a new password.

Using the Angel Secure Brower with a Proctor is more secure than the Medium security setting of an Assessment because it can “lock” a student into the assessment window. Students won’t be able to close the browser or click somewhere outside of the assessment.

More information and to download the browser:


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