Helpful Folder and Grade Book Organization

One of the preventable issues causing confusion for some students, is trouble finding out where course content lives.  The student may then end up calling helpdesk or the instructor. Below are some ideas to help (those of you who have student call issues) organize your course lessons area, in order to reduce calls from students. The following shows a schedule based Folder organization, but the same general idea applies to organizing a theme based folder setup under lessons.

To further clarify the schedule based folder grouping, some may choose to add the date for each week in parentheses, as well as add an extra subtitle which may help provide extra context as to the contents of the folder, see screenshot example below. If you end up adding dates to the folder title, and the course is re-used from semester to semester, the dates may need adjusting each semester. To change the titles and subtitles, go into the folder settings and changing the folder title and/or subtitle.

Weekly based folder schedule

Weekly based folder schedule

The screenshot below shows an example of weekly folder contents. When adding to your weekly folders, add all your course content in an order that works for you, such as assignment, quiz, powerpoint, etc. Use the same content type sequence for each folder for consistency.

Folder contents organization

Folder contents organization

Gradebook Organization

Below shows an example on how to organize your gradebook categories using weighting. (Go to gradebook >> Categories under gradebook management). As you can see in the screenshot below, each main category is worth 25 percent of the total grade (this example is a percentage based grade book setup). Once you have added categories, you can start adding assignments into each category. If you have a points based grade book, you can still use the categories for organization purposes, however, Angel will simply total the points for all assignments, and divide that with the total points possible times 100 to establish the final grade.

Using Grade Book Categories

Using Grade Book Categories (click images to enlarge)

You can then assign a category to the assignments as you can see below. Click the checkbox to the left of an assignment and then click “edit selected” below to edit that assignment or change the associated category.

Category and Assignments

Category and Assignments


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