Importing content from a previous course into your new Course

The Import from a Course or Group feature allows you to import content from courses or groups.  As an instructor, you may copy content from any course or group in which you have editing rights. Please be very careful to make sure you are in an empty course before following the import procedure described below. Also be sure to back up your old course before importing first.

For more on this topic see “How to Copy Content Items from One Course to Another” in Appendix VII: ANGEL Step-by-Step

To import items (slightly modified from instructor manual):

1.   Log into your new empty course shell and click the Lessons tab. (note if you have several sections that you wish to merge into one merged course, please contact your campus helpdesk).

2.   Click the Add Content hyperlink.

3.   Click the Import from a Course or Group hyperlink or icon ().  The import screen appears.

Import from a Course or Group dialog box

Import from a Course or Group dialog box (click to enlarge)

4.   Select the section (that you previously taught) from the Section drop-down list.

5.   Click the Browse button.  A collapsed list of lesson content items appears.  To expand the folders, click on the folder name.

Import content: search results

Import content: search results (click to enlarge)

6.   Select the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to import.

7.   Click the Copy Items button.  Copied items appear at the specified level on the Lessons tab.


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